The Old Passover

1. In order to have a New Exodus, you must first have a New Passover

2. Old Testament Passover: (Exodus 12)
        a. Father was priest over his family (cf. Exodus 24)
        b. Unblemished Male Lamb taken and sacrificed; blood poured into bowl
        c. Dip hyssop branch in blood
        d. Spread blood on the doorposts of the home
        e. Eat the Lamb

1.  The New Exodus
2.  The Old Passover
3.  Later Jewish Passover
4.  The New Passover
5.  The Old Manna
6.  Later Jewish Tradition
7.  The New Manna
8.  The Bread of the Presence
9.  Later Jewish Tradition
10. The New Bread of the Presence