The Bread of the Presence

1. Worship of God in First Exodus: Tabernacle

2. Old Testament “Bread of the Presence” (Commonly mis-translated “Showbread”)

3. God Instructs Moses to Build the Tabernacle (Exodus 25:10-40)

4. Three Key Symbols of God in Tabernacle
      a. Ark of the Covenant: Throne of Invisible God
      b. Golden Lampstand (Menorah): 7 Tongues of Fire
      c. “Bread of the Presence”: Set on Golden Table

5. The Bread of the Presence in the Tabernacle (Leviticus 24:1-9)
      a. 12 Cakes of Bread
      b. Set out each Sabbath by Priests on behalf of Israel
      c. “A Perpetual Due”: to be “continually” “before the LORD” “as a covenant forever”
      d. Lampstand Candles must be “kept burning continually” with the Bread of the Presence
      e. Veiled when carried out of Tabernacle (Num 4:1-15)
      f. “Bread of Presence”: Literally “Bread of the Face” (Heb lehem ha pannim)
      g. A Sacrifice of Bread and wine (Exod 25: 29)

1.  The New Exodus
2.  The Old Passover
3.  Later Jewish Passover
4.  The New Passover
5.  The Old Manna
6.  Later Jewish Tradition
7.  The New Manna
8.  The Bread of the Presence
9.  Later Jewish Tradition
10. The New Bread of the Presence