Later Jewish Tradition

1. The Messiah will Bring Back the Manna from Heaven:
And it will happen that… the Messiah will begin to be revealed... And those who are hungry will enjoy themselves and they will, moreover, see marvels every day... And it will happen at that time that the treasury of manna will come down again from on high, and they will eat of it in those years because these are they who will have arrived at the consummation of time. (2 Baruch 29:3-8)

1.  The New Exodus
2.  The Old Passover
3.  Later Jewish Passover
4.  The New Passover
5.  The Old Manna
6.  Later Jewish Tradition
7.  The New Manna
8.  The Bread of the Presence
9.  Later Jewish Tradition
10. The New Bread of the Presence