Later Jewish Passover

1. Passover Night: Child would ask the Father:

2. “Why is this night different from other nights?”

3. “Why do we eat unleavened bread and roast lamb?”

4. Father’s Answer: “It is because of what the LORD did for me when I came out of Egypt” (Exodus 13:8)

5. Passover Liturgy: spiritually brought them back to participate in First Passover:

“In every generation a man must so regard himself as if he came forth himself out of Egypt, for it is written... [Exod 13:8]. Therefore we are bound to give thanks....” (Mishnah Pesahim 10)

1.  The New Exodus
2.  The Old Passover
3.  Later Jewish Passover
4.  The New Passover
5.  The Old Manna
6.  Later Jewish Tradition
7.  The New Manna
8.  The Bread of the Presence
9.  Later Jewish Tradition
10. The New Bread of the Presence